Monday, December 13, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful right ?

I love my life so much .

I am so grateful to have my parents .
Although our life is not like the others , we happy each other .
Our life is already complete .
I'll to anything as long i can see them smiling =)
Can't imagine my life without them .

Besides my family , i have my frenz They always beside me when i need them .Eventhough sometimes we had a little quarrel , we still can get along together Laughing , chatting and do something crazy

Boyfriend ? urggh , such a stupid thing 4 me right now . is being single is WEIRD ? yuuckks . it is simple to be a single person as i am only 16 years old oke .

I love my family and friends so damn much !

They coloured my life with varieties of memories .

The memories can't be change with anything in this world .

It is so , so precious !

and that is why my life is beautiful ^_^

what about u ? u happy with ur life ? no matter what , just accept what is given by Allah eventhough is it reaaly hard 4 u .

*All facebookers n bloggers are also my friends . LOVE ya ! Salamz ..


Taqi je said...

life is beutiful..
kadang kadang tidak jugak..

Siti Rahmah said...

yup ,
life is not alwayz beautiful ..