Monday, February 11, 2013


Asking myself. Why I can understand people by their body movements? Through the way they talk.. I could tell what they think and feel. Not all, but most of them. Is it my superiority? Hahaa. Yeah, I bet it's true. But when I realised it, it kills me inside. 

*I think I should be a psychologist. Muehehe. 


Sometimes i just have to FORGET
Sometimes i just have to FORGIVE
Sometimes i just have to LEARN
Sometimes i just have to ACCEPT
Sometimes i just have to LET GO
Sometimes i just have to TRY
Sometimes i just have to LOVE
Sometimes i just have to HATE

Sometimes.. Just sometimes.. 

I don't know which one I have to CHOOSE. 


I will try. Even though, my heart ache. I still care about you. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


People might misunderstand on what we do, think and say. Its not that easy to make people understands you all the time and vice versa. In fact, sometimes it is for our own benefits. However, it needs to work in both ways. Accept others weaknesses and also improved ourselves. The most important things is, whether you are right or wrong, you need to apologize. It doesn't mean when you say "SORRY" you are wrong. Actually, you are giving you're respect and concern to the person. Please, don't feel like a weak person. Sometimes the word "SORRY" itself can give a big changes to you. Everything happened with hikmah. Allah won't test you with something that you can't manage to do. 

I still wanna be a person who is cheerful, think positively and honest. Even though sometimes I might feel like want to give, i won't let my feelings control me. I'm not saying that i am a good person, but i'm trying to be a good person. And i am not a type of person who will always put a blame on other person. I'm not perfect, so do you. We have met to complete each other. Guide me, love me and accept me because i will do the same things to you. There's no much time left, let's make beautiful memories while we can. InsyaAllah.

Sincerely, Me :)