Saturday, July 13, 2013



I'm happy 
I'm grateful 
I'm excited 

Thanks to Allah, i managed to get an offer to further my study in degree course which is Bachelor of Applied Lang. Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication. Even though my first choice is TESL, i'm grateful because i got an english course and still studying in Shah Alam. Yeahh, maybe TESL and i don't belong together. But i love teachingggggg. Gahhh. Nvm, there's hikmah behind it. Maybe i'll learn something new in this course. First sem must be hard. Hmmm. 

List to do. Hahhh. There's 2 months left. Nampak macam lama lagi kan? Nanti pejam celik, bangun tidur dah bulan September. Am i ready for my second MDS? Mihmihmih. Akan ku prepare charge phone awal2, iron all my baju kurung bcause i know i won't have enough time to do all that. Tidur sambil berjalan pun boleh masa MDS tu. Plus, ready beli handyplast takut nanti kaki melecet macam dulu. Seksa! 

Most importantly, i'm extremely happy because my best friend Nadia Taqwa got the same place as me. Even satu sem je dapat sama, at least we have more times to spent together. InshaAllah kalau tak dibebani dengan assignment, research and test whatsoever. See, menyimpang dah niat. Supposedly, niat nak belajar. Kekeke. However i feel a little bit sad.. there's none of my close friends and family TESL dapat Uitm. Pehhh. Terpisah lah kita ~.~ 

Hmm, to all my friends who also get the offers to further their studies in any University or College.. Congratulations. But for those who didn't get any offer, don't give up. You can make an appeal through the upu website or wait for the second intake. I'll pray the best for all of us. InshaAllah :) 

*Set your Niat to learn because of Allah. Don't sigh or complain. Learning is Jihad. 

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